How We Work


We know producing video can be daunting, but we make it easy.

Over 15 years, we’ve produced a lot of video content, and know how to make the process effective and enjoyable for our clients.

Good planning is essential, and we do that well so everything falls into place. We gather details on your organization’s goals and come up with creative ways to meet them. We take care of everything – budget, script, locations, permits, insurance, building/location security, video releases, equipment, talent, graphics, music and exports. We also make recommendations for multiple edits to make sure you get an excellent ROI.

Our goal is to be ahead of the game and not only meet deadlines, but often exceed them by getting our projects done early – so you can focus on the other details of your campaign or event.

We make it a priority to be extremely respectful to our clients, their supporters, and the spaces we film in because we know that during a shoot, we are representing your organization. We keep our sets friendly, calm and professional – whether we’re interviewing a wealthy donor or a client who was homeless for years. We know that when people feel at ease they speak from their heart and we get the best footage.

Finally, we know how to balance creative decisions with our clients’ institutional concerns, politics, and decision-making process. We understand there are lots of cooks in the kitchen, and are flexible in working with the feedback from multiple stakeholders – in our experience, a team-based approach makes the project better.