Vooren Productions was founded in 2003 by Gerrit Vooren. Initially we worked with the arts community in theatre, film and dance. We then organically evolved from dance companies to working with nonprofits in the health/science, education and human services sector, which is our focus today. We are based in New York City, but work nationally.

We produce videos for galas and events, websites, social media campaigns, newsletters, digital proposals, public service announcements and commercials. Our team of producers and crew are all very committed to doing a rockstar job for our clients. We’ve worked as a team for years and function like a well-oiled machine.

We are thrilled to have wonderful clients who support the most amazing causes: Columbia University Medical Center, Safehorizon, Easterseals, Boys and Girls Harbor, Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center, Astor Services, United Church Fund, 92Y, the Lung Cancer Research Foundation, Scholastic Foundation, Lasker Foundation and many, many others.



As the founder of VOOREN - Media that Matters, I’ve spent 15 years building a production company into a go-to source for many non-profits. Even though that’s not how I started out, my past careers support the work I do now.


After going to performing arts school in Amsterdam I choreographed and danced with numerous dance companies in France, Britain, Holland and New York and performed all over Europe. Dance certainly taught me discipline and focus, but I also learned how to solve problems creatively with others, make stories come to life and understand rhythm and flow.


When I came to the United States I changed careers and became an actor. I performed in TV shows and movies (Die Hard, As the World Turns, L&O’s, K-19, the Widow-Maker and many others). I really got to feel what it’s like to be in front of a camera; what a good, efficient production team looks like; and how a producer who’s on point gets it done without a fuss.


Over time, I became more interested in being the person behind the camera and producing my own work. So, I started my own business to find a way to both make a living and a difference. This business evolved from editing reels for actors, to directing shorts and filming dance concerts, to producing videos for nonprofits.


And now, aside from being the owner of this company, I’m actively involved in my neighborhood. I’ve combined my love for community and gardening/design into leading an effort to transform our neighborhood while getting to know one another in the process. Being involved in projects like this helps me understand what it takes for my clients to inspire people to get excited and involved.

I’m thrilled to have been able to combine everything that I have learned over my career and life into a business that I truly hope makes a difference in the world.