Put the Nail in It - Campaign Video
Length: 2:47 mins

Produce a video that helps the viewer understand the importance to discuss domestic violence, while introducing the viewer to Safehorizon's “Put a Nail in It” Campaign.

Team Work - Video for site, newsletters and social media
Length: 1:42 mins

To produce a set of videos, each with a specific objective; to attract more clients, staff, build the board and raise funds.

A Noble Mission to Support - Video for site, newsletters and social media

Why I got Involved - Video for site, newsletters and social media

“CDI and PDI” - Website Video

Bouncing Back - Campaign Video
Length: 1:32 mins

Easterseals offers many programs and they all have success stories. Our challenge was to produce 8 stories that can be leveraged, and used for years to come. We wrote the scripts, interviewed the participants, created graphics and recorded voiceovers to create 8 compelling stories.

We delivered on time and budget and Easterseals used them extensively for their award winning #lifesmoments campaign.

Landing your First Job - #lifesmoments Campaign

Camp is for Everyone - #lifesmoments Campaign

A Snapshot of Success - #lifesmoments Campaign

VOOREN - Media that Matters is a full service video production company with a special focus on helping non profits tell their stories. Our key to success is producing effective, compelling and high-quality video that stays on message. Videos are viewed at galas, conferences, on websites, social media and newsletters.

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