Your job is to help students succeed, and we know it’s hard, as education is underappreciated and underfunded. We see the value of your work and want to help you share it with your existing and future supporters.

We’ve worked with education non-profits for many years and have interviewed Kindergarten teachers and Nobel prize winners. We have helped organizations accomplish everything from reaching fundraising goals to increasing views on YouTube.

Because we’ve done so many education projects we know how to film in classrooms and offices without being disruptive and how to make educators, administrators, students and supporters feel at ease. We are comfortable working with students who have learning, mental or physical disabilities.

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity - Mission Video
Length: 4:20 mins

The development department at SEO scholars needed a video to use at small gatherings in people’s homes or businesses. Their focus was to reach executives at financial firms, which is why we created ample infographics, as people in the finance industry appreciate the clarity of statistics.

A Good Start in Life - video for site, newsletters and social media
Length: 1:39 mins

The communications team at Astor Services was looking for a series of videos with multiple objectives: build the board, raise funds, educate and attract new clients, staff and volunteers. We produced 6 short videos; interviewed leadership, staff, board members, clients and their caretakers; created title sequences; and prepped videos for all forms of social media.

“The Vooren team guided us through the entire process with ease, and were an absolute pleasure to work with. Equally as important, is the respect they gave to each of our participants, whether a Board or donor or the clients we serve -- putting the participants at ease so they could get the very best out of them. I highly recommend Vooren Productions for non-profit video production."

Sonia Barnes-Moorhead, Executive Vice President, Astor Services

Additional videos for this project

Why I got Involved - Video for site, newsletters and social media

A Noble Mission to Support - Video for site, newsletters and social media

Team Work - Video for site, newsletters and social media

Scholastic Education- Video for conference, site, newsletters and social media
Length: 4:22 mins

The marketing department at Scholastic Education was looking for a video to use for their annual sales meeting and website. We needed to show that Scholastic Education products make a difference in the lives of young students, including those who go to schools in underprivileged districts. We produced two videos, interviewed administrators, educators, and young children; created title sequences; and had music composed.


“The Vooren Productions team are exceptional! From ideation to execution, they are there every step of the way to help fulfill your vision and business needs and always find ways to make your ideas better. We have done at least two dozen projects with them and each one better than the last. I always look forward to working with them, and hope to for many years to come!"

Jessica Cole, Executive Director Marketing, Scholastic Education

Additional videos produced for this client

The Nit Qast - Animation

A day in the life - Video for site, newsletters and social media

How Parrot Spoke - Animation

Vooren -  Media that Matters is a full service video production company based in New York City that helps non-profit organizations in health, science, education, and human services tell their stories. Our clients use our videos for galas/events, websites, social media, newsletters, digital proposals, public service announcements and commercials.

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